Guesthouse TOMOYA | 8 minutes by underground to Namba Station!

Rooms & Facilities

Access to the sightseeing spots of Osaka is very convenient, as well as Kyoto and Nara!

Minami (Namba) and Kita (Umeda) are the largest commercial and entertainment areas in Osaka, with a wide variety of shops and restaurants. We also recommend going a little further afield to Kyoto and Nara.
With easy access to the tourist areas, why not make this peaceful spot your base for travel?


Explore Osaka!

・The nearest stations from Guesthouse TOMOYA are Imazato Station and Tsuruhashi Station.
Tsuruhashi station is next to the Imazato Station(subway Sennichimae Line).
There are subway Sennichimae Line, JR Loop Line’s , and Kintetsu Nara Line in the Tsuruhasi station.
Guesthouse TOMOYA is Only 6 minutes’ walk from Imazato Station.
Guesthouse TOMOYA is Only 10 minutes’ walk from ITsuruhashi Station.

8 minutes by underground to Namba Station, a mecca for food

11 minutes by underground to Shinsekai with its nostalgic atmosphere Look out for Tsutenkaku Tower. This is the place to eat pork cutlet skewers!

12 minutes by underground to Tanimachi Yonchome, the nearest station to Osaka Castle
Recommended if you want to enter Osaka Castle through the front gate. The Osaka Museum of History is also nearby.

14 minutes on the JR Loop Line to Osakajo-koen Station, the other nearest station to Osaka Castle Osakajo-koen Station is the nearest station if you’re going to a concert at Osakajo Hall.

18 minutes to Umeda Station (Higashi Umeda).
A popular spot for shopping and Osaka-style dining. There are new attractions appearing all the time.

Great for one-day sightseeing trips!

About 60 minutes to the famous tourist attractions of Kyoto

About 35 minutes to Kintetsu Nara Station, the nearest station to the famous big Buddha at Todai-ji Temple

Enjoy the atmosphere of the temples and shrines.

Get what you need right away

There are lots of convenient facilities around the hotel

・There’s a smart coin laundry on the first floor

・There’s a convenience store right next door

・It’s about 5 minutes’ walk to a supermarket

There are also public baths and izakaya, all within walking distance.